Company Secretarial

Private companies are no longer required to have a Company Secretary. However, there are still various duties and responsibilities with which a business is required to comply. Our Company Secretarial services can effortlessly navigate the filing requirements and monitor specific requirements to ensure investor tax reliefs are not jeopardised.

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By outsourcing your Company Secretarial duties to Cameron Cunningham, we can complete tasks accurately, ensuring you are compliant with legislation, whilst freeing up your time and resources. Our Company Secretarial services are limited to Companies House filings and maintenance of the company’s statutory registers.

As with our other services, our Company Secretarial services are bespoke to your requirements.

For example, a business is required to state a Registered Office address at Companies House. We are able to provide this service at our address, and send across electronically any correspondence to keep you informed at all times.

We commonly set up and maintain all statutory books and share registers, file documents, records, changes to any directors or shareholders on our software, in preparation for reporting and filing completed returns to Companies House. We also produce share certificates as part of this process.

These processes are particularly important when companies are receiving investment from angel investors or venture capital funds, most of whom require investor tax reliefs such as S/EIS and VCS (see Tax Services). HMRC has specific rules in order to qualify for these tax reliefs and by undertaking these company secretarial tasks for our clients, we aim to ensure such tax reliefs are not jeopardised.

With Cameron Cunningham you will receive a great service, and we will regularly monitor deadlines for any submissions required by Companies House. We can offer an incorporation service and can file most forms very quickly online, giving you peace of mind that we have things covered.

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